business Workflow

Business process control and development

Improve your company efficiency by using smart business process control. With our solution you will increase velocity and responsiveness of your employees and reduce error margin.

System is already being used by larger enterprises for some of their critical business process management. Such processes are invoice liquidation, policy confirmation, processing damage claims, etc

Software Solutions

Consulting and development

We provide complete custom software solutions and consulting services for various industries, ranging from low-level real-time applications to high-level enterprise business solutions. Our clients are both SMEs and multinational corporations

3D Printing

We design and print

3D printing is process of making solid tri-dimensional objects from digital models. This method differs from traditional manufacturing techniques where material is removed using milling or drilling. Tri-dimensional printing is an additive process where composite material is deposited in layers. The printed objects are hard and can be treated by sanding, milling, sandblasting, painting etc.

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